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I run for fun, they run for their lives.

  by Klaartje Van Kerckem

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Imagine this scene: exhausted-looking people, many of them shivering in dirty clothes, sick and cold to the bone, are wading through mud on their way to their newly constructed 'home': a construction made up of blankets, old carpets, pallets, and - if they are lucky - one or more tents. In the corner of your eye, other people wait in line for food. In your back, you feel the eyes of 'les gendarmes' controlling everyone who is trying to provide humanitarian help that should be provided by the state. This is not a scene in a country in the global South. This is Europe. This is what I saw in Duinkerke, what others saw in Calais, and what we hope we won't have to witness in Maximiliaanpark or elsewhere in Belgium.

I run for fun, but way too many people run for their lives. And as if they are not unlucky enough, they are not always welcomed with open arms, in a continent that claims to be protect human rights better than any other. But despite all, they never give up. They keep going. The least I can do, is to run that 20K for them, in order to help provide the support they need when they arrive in or pass through Belgium.

What is your goal ?
I have over a 1000 friends on Facebook. I know that many of you are already giving your best to help make the world and our society a better place. But please consider this tiny extra effort, if you have the means. I will be a happy person, if 10% of those 1000 friends engage with this tiny effort of mine. Share my posts, join the refugee runners yourself, come and cheer for us, but most importantly: donate money!

Something you would like to add ? An anecdote to share ?
Still thinking of ways of how to thank people who open up their wallets big time ;-)

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Vluchtelingenwerk Vlaanderen is committed to people fleeing war, violence and persecution. We do not do this alone, as we have thirty member organisations and many volunteers. Together we increase the pressure on policy and increase awareness among general public. We focus on high quality reception of asylum seekers and actively work on integration. We support anyone helping refugees and asylum seekers.